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Elmer Racing continues to grow! We currently have 2-3 job openings, and hope to fill them all by spring 2017
One multi-axis CAM/CNC hotshot and one CAD/race engine designer as soon as possible!

Main task (1-3 people):
*Multi-axis cnc machine use (milling + turning), including complex toolpath creation with powermill. Basic mechanical and mill/turn skills needed, full skill set to learn on the job.

Secondary tasks (1-2 people):
*Race engine dimensioning, simulation, and CAD design. Wide knowledge of various historical and current engines needed. Strong theoretical and analytical skills essential.
*Generic CAD designing. Basic understanding of efficient CAD use, and skills in creating parametric and robust CAD files needed.
*C++ embedded, heterogenous systems, and parallel processing programming. For XEMS development.
*Linux scripting (bash, python), basic MySQL. For project management and website tuning.

Good English skills are essential. Swedish or Finnish skills are a big help. Other languages a plus.

Please send in your free applications or any questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For more information contact Oskar Elmgren via facebook or twitter. WhatsApp, Viber, and gsm: +358 40 581 3934


Elmer Racing came to existence as an extension of the Elmgren family's racing hobby. Oskar's and Axel's engineering studies paved the way for founding Elmer Technology Development Ltd, and Elmer Racing, as well as serving as a basis for the current service offering.

The first years of activity concentrated on the Elmgrens' own car projects and other related interests. As the routines developed, calculation and optimization projects were also run for customers. Today Elmer Racing uses advanced computer design and modeling, also employing a small grid of CFD processing computers with a total of 64GB RAM and 20 processing cores for design evaluation.

We have a 5-axis Hurco VMX42U CNC mill, and a 8-axis mill-turn CNC machine for prototype production.

Today we provide many custom services for race and vehicle enthusiasts. Check out our site for ideas on what we can help you with!

Software used includes SolidWorks Premium, SolidWorks Simulation Premium, OpenFOAM, PowerMILL and a self-developed optimization program.

Elmer Racing trademark is owned by Elmer Technology Development Ltd.

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