In motorsports, tenths of a second, grams, and hundredths of a millimeter have real effect on performance. All extra weight must be eliminated, and part tolerances has to be as tight as possible in order to get the maximum performance out of your race vehicle.

We simulate suspension systems, engines, drive trains, aero parts, engine duct flow, valve train systems, etc.
Simulating operating conditions and parameters yields useful information, e.g. about the caster and camber change as a function of suspension travel, valve train resonance frequencies at high engine speeds, and the loads of various mechanisms and their expected service life. Simulating the movement of parts relative to one another reveals possible limitations and helps in optimizing ranges of motion and accelerations, among other things.

Rally and race cars can also be run in complete vehicle dynamics simulations, which shed light on how the whole vehicle package works, and how the components perform. This is really the only way of accurately estimating where money is best spent for performance improvements.

The corner stone of Elmer Racing, the Elmgren family, has been active in motorsport since 1993. We have the experience and the equipment/software to do aero optimization, component design and optimization, 5 axis prototype-part milling, as well as vehicle performance and track simulation.

We're used to pushing component design to it's limits, minimizing weight and maximizing performance!

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