Want to design racing engines?

Do you have a solid understanding of physics, CAD, and FEM? Are you also interested in design optimization, engineering vibration, solid mechanics (fem), and have good teamwork skills?
Interested in working with us, continuously learning new things, improving your skills, and developing our design principals to help design and build the best and craziest racing engines (and other things)?
We're looking for you!

You will benefit from:

Familiarity with CAD and FEM projects
Secure data and network (everyday) use
Knowing your race engines.
Fluency in English. Swedish and/or Finnish is a bonus. As well as other languages.
Capability of meeting tight deadlines on a surprisingly frequent basis.
Capability of small team work, with high level of self-management.

More recruiting info

Video with further details about this position: ElmerRacing youtube video

Contact Oskar for further information by 30.9.2021:
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Signal, or gsm: +358-40-581-3934