Do you like money? We're offering it in exchange for work, and continuous learning and improving your multi-axis CAM and CNC skills.
We have three spots open in our CNC team! 1-2 specialist CAM/CNC operators, and 1-2 machine operators.
We specialize in difficult to manufacture parts, prototypes and quick turn around times. Currently this involves utilizing our CAM package to beat our 5-axis (actually 6-axis) tilt-table milling machine, and our 8-axis mill-turn machine into submission. We'll of course help you out in the learning process!
The parts we CNC machine are some of the most difficult, and the machines and software we use are complex. If you're one of the best and can handle big challenges, or really want to become one, we want you!

You will benefit from:

Good 3D spacial skills.
Basic physics understanding. Natural frequencies, vibrations and basic solid mechanics.
Previous CAM machining experience is a big plus.
Being able to handle tiny machine screws without loosing them is also a plus.
Fluency in English is required. Swedish and/or Finnish is a bonus.
Capability of meeting tight deadlines on a surprisingly frequent basis.
Capability of working independently, with high level of self-management. But also consulting colleagues when needed, or if you find something important (funny that is) on the internet.

Contact Oskar for further information:
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Viber, WhatsApp, WeChat, gsm: +358-40-581-3934