Móði is here! Our "bolt-in" replacement engine for the Mitsubishi Evo X 4B11T. Dry sump, 1000+hp, billet head and block, anti-lag ready, this has it all!

Like our previous 3 engines, Thor, Rex, and Hel, we designed Móði as a complete engine from the start. No mixing and matching with blocks and heads causing head gasket issues, no bored out blocks creating lots of flex, and no converted wetsump to drysump band-aids.

The Name

Sticking to the Norse Mythology theme, Móði (Módi or Modi, pronounced something like "muudi") is the son of Thor. Móði roughly translates to "brave" or "wrath". Which suits a evo X engine derived from our ElmerRacing Thor engine perfectly.

The engine

We wanted this engine to be as close to full "bolt-in" compatible with the 4B11T engine as possible. Including compatibility with as much of the evo X wire harness as possible, intake & exhaust manifold, all engine accessories including power steering pump, alternator, AC pump, and water pump, engine mounts, etc.
Engine has full 4B11T compatible mivec system, and is compatible with aftermarket and OEM 4b11t cams. We're considering what ignition coils to have default compatibility with.
The long block and crate engine package comes with a mitsubishi 4b11t crankshaft (good for 1000+hp according to tuners) to keep costs down, and spare parts availability good.


  • 86mm bore
  • 86mm stroke (for long block and crate motor)
  • 1998cc
  • 35mm intake valves
  • 31mm sodium cooled inconel exhaust valves (for anti-lag compatibility)

We designed and primarily recommend this engine for high power turbo applications. The larger exhaust valves are especially important at higher power levels. You can use increased boost pressure to get more air into the cylinders, but getting more exhaust out requires higher cylinder pressure, or larger valves. And we don't want higher cylinder pressures during the exhaust stroke and valve overlap!
Móði is designed to run modern anti-lag, and has turbo oil feed and oil return locations on the turbo side of the block. It's of course entirely possible to run it naturally aspirated also.

As with our other engines, Móði is design from the start to be dry sump. No "dry sump converted" awkwardly shaped wet sump crank cases here. Together with the oil-air separator in the dry sump pump, this keeps oil foaming low even at sustained high g-forces.


Móði Crate Engine (not yet available)

Móði Long Block (pictured above)

Móði Shell (pictured below)

The shell option is meant for evo X 4b11t engine builders. It comes with no internals, so engine builders can use their favorite crankshaft, rods, pistons, cams, clearances etc. to suit their customers specific needs the best. While still getting the head gasket sealing, engine stiffness, dry sump, and anti-lag compatibility (with suitable exhaust valves) benefits that our complete Móði engine design offers.


We're also looking for a customer that wants to have the first Móði engine in the world, with a stockish evo X engine bay willing to lend us their car (our shop is located in southern Finland) for a few months for us to double check fitment and the installation procedure.