This is Magni! Our "boring division's" 6000hp concept V8 engine based on Thor!

Like our four real engines, Thor, Rex, Hel, and Móði, this concept engine is a full billet dry sump design, with full cooling and modern anti-lag compatibility.

The Name

Sticking to the Norse Mythology theme, Magni is the son of Thor. Magni roughly translates to "mighty". Which suits this bonkers concept engine derived from our ElmerRacing Thor engine perfectly.

The engine

We wanted this engine to be as close to looking like a real engine as possible, without putting too much time and effort into a design that we will never make. 6000hp is just too much power for even the most radical drag racing cars, gearboxes, and drivetrain. Also much too light to be allowed in any tightly regulated racing series.


  • 6000hp
  • 170kg (long block)
  • 106mm bore
  • 94mm stroke
  • 8000cc
  • 10500rpm
  • 2x G57-106mm turbos
  • E85 / race gasoline

Ok, so this is what it would look like, how much it would weigh, and what power it would make. NOW PLEASE STOP ASKING US ABOUT A THOR V8. And yes, its price would be that is, unless you have a MkIV Supra.