The testing of the head is progressing nicely. We had some fun with the Mini in the snow and then also took it out on the road to get some mapping done with more throttle. There was quite a lot of traffic though so we will do some more mapping soon.

We also finally managed to fix the 3D-printing issues we were having and finished the second(and largest) part of the intake manifold. Now there is just the plenum left which should be quite easy to print.

While we were waiting for the weather to improve we took the head off the engine to see how everything looked after the running we've done. The valves seats had leaked slightly so we did some machining on the valves which should fix the problem.

There has been some confusion about the split center exhaust port so to clarify things below are a few pictures of it so you can better understand how we achieved 8 ports. We designed the head from the start with the split center port. Countless hours were spent optimizing the port so that the splitter plate wouldn't restrict the flow. The cross sectional area on each side of the splitter plate is larger than at the port opening and the splitter plate blends naturally into the overall port shape.