The GT has progressed a few versions. We already ended up in one improvement dead-end, but after testing with a skirt equipped model (that blocks airflow under the sides of the car) we found the limiting factor in the model and have got some further gains. The local tracks here in Finland are very slow, which helps speed up the design. Downforce is the dominant performance value, and virtually no notice needs to be given to drag values.

Our most recent model showed 3438N downforce with 1038N drag at 144km/h. With a light car this downforce amount increases performance dramatically.

The most noticeable change to the car design is the front-end's "air dam" type. We'll probably fine tune this to optimize the under-body airflow. The largest amount of time has been spent on the diffuser and floor shape. We slightly reduced the diffuser angle and added vertical streaks to prevent unwanted vortices.