After dis-assembly we got the Opel GT water blasted.

The glass fiber fenders some previous owner had installed were ripped off in the process. This was all planned though, as they would've had to be removed anyway. In the first picture the water blasting isn't finished yet.

When we finally got the GT back from water blasting, we discovered a fair amount of rust below all the filler. This too was to be expected. We also got rid of all the foam that someone had used to "fix" the rusting. The panels that were in good shape got a nice bronze tint after the blasting.

We just got a car. More precisely, we found this beautiful blue Opel GT from This is what it looked like when it arrived:

The first thing we did was take some extra parts off. Well, in reality we got it off the trailer first, but you get the idea. We kept what we deemed essential to our designs. This is what was left:

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