Fresh Billet Race engine for 2021

We've now started work on Hel, the first billet engine for the Nissan GT-R. Still early days for the engine project, but here are some highlights of the options:
-bolt-in factory compatible
-400-450bar maximum cylinder pressure target
-in-cylinder pressure sensors
-3.99-4.6 liter displacement (will review this once we get to designing our ElmerRacing billet crankshaft)
-increased valve size, improved head flow

Why "Hel"?

The Nissan GT-R is commonly called "Godzilla", which is "king of the monsters". So what would be a better fit than Hel, the half giant queen-ruler of the underworld. Daughter of Thor's brother. Linking Hel perfectly in Norse Mythology to our world's highest power-to-mass ratio OEM circuit racing engine, Thor.