We had some discussions with Five Watts Ltd about how we're going to modify the timers from one of the building blocks that we're basing X-EMS on.

We're going to go with having the ECU time and date aware. That will simplify datalogging, and should also provide a good basis for future expansion, and new uses. Most likely going with UTC. Although there are some other good time bases also. There are ready and tested C++ code libraries for all of this in one of the building blocks we're using!


Five Watts should be getting the first proto boards shortly. In the mean time we've been busy preparing the er7 for X-EMS testing, and getting other testing done and out of the way.

We're also going to be showing the X-EMS at our stand D 335 at Alihankintamessut 2013 on 24.-26.9.2013