The X-EMS project took another jump today!

We have completed the code for testing the hardware, and just got the benchmarking setup for the proto1 X-EMS board back from 5 Watts.


In the coming days we will be doing some pure electronics benchmarking, to test out the code performance and get some confidence in the code and hardware.

The plan is to first debug the hardware testing firmware. Once we are satisfied with the firmware and hardware performance we'll hook it up to the er7, and start testing on a real engine.

The code is in no way made to work as a "real" EMS, but more to test out the hardware on a real engine. It should be capable of running the engine with a minimum amount of inputs and outputs though. Just the stuff that is needed for bare-bones testing.


Once we get it running a real engine, we will sit down and take a deeper look at the economics of the project. We will then hopefully have some idea of the time needed to develop the firmware and hardware to a consumer product. We'll see how we proceed from there!

The target is, and has always been, to make the most versatile and expandable EMS on the market. Because that's what we want for our own projects also!