It's always a good day when the smoke comes out the correct end of the car, especially when testing new and untried parts! However, sadly hardware testing with the X-EMS proto1 board is coming to a close.

Why? Well because it has completed all the tests that we had planned for it. Yeah! And completed them well!

It reads all the needed engine sensors, including crank and cam position sensors, engine intake air temp and coolant temp sensors, throttle position sensor, battery voltage, and wide-band lambda. It also outputs data via the native USB plug to a laptop, calculates fuel maps, does timing, and all the other things needed to make a engine run.


The X-EMS proto1 board was made just to test out the hardware, and to do some basic code and timing testing on a actual running engine. It successfully started up our test race engine. And also successfully manages to idle the engine, and even provides a quite stable idle!

This is a full engine control box, it runs the ignition coils and injectors directly from the board. It's even capable of running the cooling fans directly off the board!

But enough with the text, here are our "first start", and "first idle" videos to show off our stuff!

First start

First idle