The beginning of something beautiful

There are many good aftermarket ECU's out there, that can handle most any internal combustion engine out there. However, if you want to do something that the manufacturer didn't think of, or want to use it for something completely different, well, you're out of luck.

This is the problem we faced. We wanted a ECU with code we can change ourselves. A ECU built on a expandable platform that is capable of doing new things, when we think of new uses. But there was no such ECU on the market!

So, we started looking into making our own!
Some nice coincidences later, and we're now working with Five Watts Ltd, to produce such a ECU!


We have the building blocks for the X-EMS, and they are some very potent building blocks indeed. With them, we will be able to make a ECU that is extremely expandable. GPS modules, mobile data modules, bluetooth, lcd's, and many more. And we will be able to do anything we want with the firmware! Possibly even controlling jet engines some day! Sweet!

The most exiting part of this project? The timetable!
We're getting ready to test out a proto1 board on our er7 next week! And we only started this project two weeks ago! Warp speed!
(and boy do we like speed here at Elmer Racing)

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