Billet 4B11T block

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Billet race block for the 4b11t Mitsubishi Lancer evo X engine. The stock evo X block can reportedly start failing at over 600hp. This billet Elmer Racing design is much stronger than the stock block, and is also much stiffer.
Torsional rigidity of the block is also very high, due to us leaving the maximum amount of block material between the cylinders, and highly optimized cooling channels. This reduces torsional block flex during direct engagement gear shifts (racing dog boxes) and/or high power applications. Ignition timing stays more precise on all cylinders, cylinder head gasket has a easier job, and other engine components will generally last longer.

The best block for 2000cc racing categories. Also available with larger bore, clearance for longer strokes, and increased deck height possible on special order.
Comes with ductile iron Darton sleeves installed. Our base design uses the stock 86mm bore with thin sleeves, for very good thermal performance and torsional rigidity, while having exchangeable sleeves in the event of a piston or ring failure.
Nicasil coated bores are available for the best possible thermal conductivity and torsional block strength, but require more work in the event of piston failure.
This billet race block is fully stock compatible.
Block is available with rotated gearbox mounting bolt holes, for angling the engine rearwards for racing use (on special order).
Custom engravings and logos possible.

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