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Designed for FIA Rally Cross SuperCar "custom engine" 2017 rules, this is our first complete engine package.

Rex is built around getting maximum power from the FIA mandated 45mm intake restrictor, and the need for very good throttle response. This combination might be one of the biggest challenges in motorsport. And why we at Elmer Racing are excited about our engine package!

With our unique in-house designed ECU and engine we're aiming to re-set the performance benchmark for FIA Rally Cross SuperCar engines.
Unlike other engine suppliers, we're happy to provide a full parts list for the engine. The engine is fully team serviceable. We of course also provide rebuild and service, if the customer wants it.

The engine is fully designed by us in-house at Elmer Racing, where we also manufacture the block, head, etc. Likewise the state-of-the-art XEMS ECU is developed fully by us and our local partner, Five Watts Ltd, including coding, circuit board layout housing etc.

Engine package can also be special ordered for other uses, with or without the FIA intake restrictor.
We will make the engine block fit your gearbox / bell housing directly. No extra mounting spacers needed.
Custom engravings and logos possible.

XEMS ecu is not homologated with the FIA for use in the Rally Cross SuperCar world championship. Engine is otherwise fully WC compliant.
The complete RX2017 package can be used in the European Championship, and local series.

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