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Thor complete engine package

Thor took home the world championship title at WTAC 2018, on it's first outing in the legendary RP968 pro class TimeAttack car, and is now available for general order.
Designed for ultra high power-to-weight ratio, for unlimited racing categories, top category TimeAttack and hill climb racing, drag racing etc., this is a top-of-the-line complete 'full billet' engine package using only the best components.
The ElmerRacing Thor engine is designed to get the maximum power possible with the smallest possible engine size and weight. With Thor, you can push large wings and other loads. Displacing a monstrous 3974cc from four cylinders. Thor will reliably produce over 1500hp in circuit racing trim. Estimated capability in drag racing trim is 3000hp. The Thor 'long block' weighs in at a featherweight 106kg!
The engine comes with our unique in-house designed XEMS ECU. Package is available also without a ECU.
ElmerRacing's Thor has reset the mark on huge hp from light weight circuit race engines.
Unlike other engine suppliers, we're happy to provide a full parts list for the engine. The engine is fully team serviceable. We of course also provide rebuild services, if the customer wants it.
The engine is fully designed by us in-house at Elmer Racing, where we also manufacture the block, head, crank etc. Likewise the state-of-the-art XEMS ECU is developed fully by us, including coding, circuit board layout housing etc.
Engine package can be special ordered for custom uses.
We will make the engine block fit your gearbox / bell housing directly. No extra mounting spacers needed.
Custom engravings and logos possible.
Engine and ECU have no FIA or other racing body homologation. We are however happy to work with customers if specific needs arise.

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